At the age of 26, Kalun Townsend has already made significant strides in the music and digital content industry. Based on the Central Coast of Australia, Kalun has blended electronic components with indie-rock flair, creating a unique sound that has captivated audiences both locally and internationally. His debut EP, “Lessons,” marked his entry as a household name, showcasing his multifaceted talents as a musician.

As the frontman of the alternative rock band gold blum, Kalun, along with his cousin Jordan Crotty and two close friends, has carved out a unique musical identity. Hailing from the NSW Central Coast/Newcastle area, gold blum's sound is a reflection of their coastal upbringing and proximity to a major city, balancing raw energy with sophisticated songwriting. The band's DIY ethos and community-driven approach have earned them a dedicated following. While the band is currently on hiatus, their impact remains strong.

In his role as the Digital Content Lead For Music at Triple M/LiSTNR, Kalun plays a pivotal role in shaping the network’s digital presence in the music domain. His expertise covers a broad spectrum, from new music features to backstage interviews with renowned artists. Collaborating with industry figures like Dave Gleeson and Matt O’Gorman, Kalun has been instrumental in bringing shows like Triple M Nights and Triple M Homegrown to a wider digital audience. His exceptional work was recognized at the 2023 Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRA’s), where he won ‘The Gudinski’ for championing Australian music.

Kalun’s talents extend beyond music and radio. As a seasoned videographer and photographer, he offers a range of services, including event and portrait photography, product shoots, and nature photography. His videography skills encompass event coverage, promotional videos, documentaries, educational content, and comprehensive post-production services.

In the realm of social media, Kalun’s expertise is evident in his tailored content strategies, platform-specific creations, and effective campaign management. His skills in graphic design further complement his digital prowess, offering everything from brand identity design to digital graphics and infographics.

Podcasting is another area where Kalun excels. He assists clients in conceptualizing, recording, editing, and promoting podcasts, ensuring their success and audience engagement. His audio production services are comprehensive, covering music composition, sound design, audio mixing and mastering, voice-over work, and audio restoration.

As a digital growth consultant, Kalun's strategic vision in digital strategy development, website optimization, online marketing, and audience analysis has driven substantial growth for various clients.

Kalun Townsend is not just a name but a brand synonymous with creativity, innovation, and excellence in the digital and music industries.

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